One day In this City Dreams,we'll find our dream where both our dreams and reality collide ♥
"Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." (Peter Pan)

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Monday, October 20

"Don't play with her feelings when you know she's sincere with you. Maybe you won't find someone like her ever again."

I just want to say 'forget me now' but then me myself couldn't do that. but sure. I do still need him with me even though we can't each other. But I still need him with me. No matter in what case it is. seems like an idiot but Idk it just happen.


New Blog
Sunday, October 19

Yes as the title written, I am moving to another blog which is pretty much a new one. Because I wanted to make a new memory instead. So catch me up there. But I will still be writing here in this blog but not that often cause im going to be active in that new blog. anyways, always keep in touch!


Tuesday, October 14

Yes, it is instagram that I am going to talk about. I first started insta-ing around when I got my tablet. But then it broke down for what reason I dont even know. and then now I started them again and became a good instagrammer and known. I seldom post pictures now due to another breakdown case. Leaving my ID here so you guys can catch up on what is up recently! 
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CAUTION! Find yourself..
Sunday, October 12

If you ever find yourself in the wrong page, leave.

This is the quote that I love. it means that, If you ever feel its wrong to be in some situation, without hesitating you should just move on. You won't want to regret in future. You know, life is too short to be sad. YOLO? that;s what its directed to. I'm thinking of making a youtube video and be youtuber. Well I know it's not gonna be fun because we have to be cool and act all fun way . well t is maybe because we are talking in front of the camera. Im used to that. like, I really love camera and attention but for some reasons it would make me nervous because i am afraid of what I will get in review. you know what I mean. 

-Love adlinatasya

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